Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 new year new undergarments

Getting this project posted has taken so much longer than I thought. Sometimes life comes before hobbies and my life has a way of making sure I am paying attention to it.
Having said that...TaDA! I have new Edwardian undergarments. I have been wanting to make up the new Truely Victorian drawers and corset cover since they came out and I am happy to report that Heather has done it again. These are the first patterns I have purchased since she converted her hand drawn pattterns to computer drafted so now all the printed lines are smooth, smooth, smooth. I approve!

I am super happy with how they turned out. Here is a close up of the insertion detail.
and I finished the arm holes with a french piping technique which I like very much for an application like this.
The corset cover has some fluffly ruffles to help with the early Edwardian pigeon breasted shape.
All in all the pattern was east to put together, the sizing is spot on. I really could not ask for a more costumer friendly pattern to work with. The next projec tis the 1903 corset pattern.
Which I actually cut out before starting the drawers and corset cover. Which I have been working on while waiting for supplies for the corset to arrive. Today, the silk came in the mail and it is a devine shade of lilac, I can not wait to work with it is heavenly and very Edwardian ice-cream colored.
So that brings you up to date with the sewing going on here. I also started an embossed taffeta petticoat to go with this set...more on that soon. Happy New Year! May 2013 be full of costuming!

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