Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ok so I got to some sewing today...between mind numbing college algebra and when I say mind numbing I mean it. So I needed some fabric therapy. Remember the blue coat? Well it really wanted to be a said so, and I have learned to always listen to the fabric.

The bodice is an antique that I will be re-draping in the gold silk of the skirt and I detached the lace lapes and washed them. The solution I used was to take a 1/2 gallon ball jar and add 1 cup of peroxide and 2 Tablespoons of castille soap (I like Dr. Bronners but I don't think the brand matters) Then add about a cup or so of filtered water (there should be room for the lace to slosh around) Then add the lace, slosh around gently and let it sit. My lace only sat for about an hour, then I rinsed in it cold water carefully laid it out on a hand towel and roll the towel up until the lace dries. I did not take paictures of this part but next time I need to clean some old lace I will.

Please excuse my wrinkles this fabric needs to be steamed and does not care for the touch of an iron and I was just being too lazy to drag out the steamer today. However I am super happy with the shape so far.

I may add a long looped ribbon of gold silk for some added intrest and I may add some lace to the bottom of the lace to set it off.

I was insprired by the buttons on this skirt

and the overall shape should end up something like these dresses. The year I am going for is 1911-1912.

Well thats all for today. With some luck I will cobble together some time this week to do all the hemming and finishing on the skirt...then I can tackle the bodice.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So, I am putting together an outfit for a Great Gatsby will be my first, and also my first 1920's costume. The thing is... um... I don't have a 1920's figure. The drapey, falls straight from the shoulder stopped by a wide belt low on the hips with a full skirt to the knee makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about it.

Happily there is the "other" dress, a robe de style by Lanvin to save the day. I am going to be making my version in a natural white silk accented with red flowers and black ribbon. Here is the inspiration style at FIDM, and here is my sketch of my version...please note drawing is not really a strong point, my sketches are just to help me record my thoughts. You have been warned...proceed with catuion

In addition to the FIDM dress here are some elements I like and hope to use in my version of a robe de style

Huge flower with long ribbon detail

Floaty pretty sheer bottom detail. Note: my silk is this same sort of natural white silk color. Well thats the plan...deadline June.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well today I got out to do a little shopping, Hancocks was having a 5 for 5 on simplicity patterns and I really want to make a few fun things for myself for summer. Not historical but I am looking forward to some everyday projects. The patterns...

I love the lines of this dress and I like that the round gores give the skirt a swishy fullness. No fabric chosen for this as yet.

I am curious to try this "amazing fit" pattern, I will be leaving off the collar and the ruffles down the front but this is a basic princess line blouse and I prefer lawns and cottens in the summer to jersey knits which are so popular right now.

I am not sure exactly how I will use this pattern but I just had the feeling that if I passed on it I would be kicking myself later. Lots of options.

Ok this is a fun dress! I am going to be making the bottom left option shown here in green in this fun linen cotten blend print that screams summer, I know hot pink is not everyones color...but I like it for something like this. Here is the fabric.

If this seems bold, well it is, but you have to feel this to love it...linen blend is lovely.

Next pattern

Coolest summer pants ever...need I say more? This is the fabric that reached out and grabbed me to make them out of.

Its a sheer with a print in this lovely pale blue/green shade and the ladies and ships have a touch of pink to them. I am placing it over a very pale light blue drapey linen fabric that I recently got for $1.50 a yard and have enough to make the Edwardian jumper I bought it for with enough left over for this. Love it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Underware

Well its time to do some updating! My dear friend at Beauty for Ashes has posted her beautiful undergarments so I thought I better stop holding out on her and share the corset to complete her foundations.

This corset was made from a pattern submitted in an article for Foundations Revealed by the lovely Festive Attyre. I am very happy to report that the pattern worked like a charm and her instructions for sizing were complete and easy to follow. Two thumbs up!

Madame Beauty for Ashes has impeccable taste for vintage finds and a keen eye for color so it is always a delight to put her bits and pieces to good use. The lace was provided along with the rose ribbon and I added a matching pink silk dupioni behind to show off the delicate pattern of the antique lace that you just can not get these days.

The bottom of the corset is bound in white silk and the four garters match and are detachable. The pink is so pretty I did not want the bottom to compete with the top.

The back with lots and lots of grommets has about a three inch gap for adjustment.The flossing is done in long x's on the sides and back and in what I call wedges on the front and that dear ones is one fun 1910's corset!

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