Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Underware

Well its time to do some updating! My dear friend at Beauty for Ashes has posted her beautiful undergarments so I thought I better stop holding out on her and share the corset to complete her foundations.

This corset was made from a pattern submitted in an article for Foundations Revealed by the lovely Festive Attyre. I am very happy to report that the pattern worked like a charm and her instructions for sizing were complete and easy to follow. Two thumbs up!

Madame Beauty for Ashes has impeccable taste for vintage finds and a keen eye for color so it is always a delight to put her bits and pieces to good use. The lace was provided along with the rose ribbon and I added a matching pink silk dupioni behind to show off the delicate pattern of the antique lace that you just can not get these days.

The bottom of the corset is bound in white silk and the four garters match and are detachable. The pink is so pretty I did not want the bottom to compete with the top.

The back with lots and lots of grommets has about a three inch gap for adjustment.The flossing is done in long x's on the sides and back and in what I call wedges on the front and that dear ones is one fun 1910's corset!

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