Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well today I got out to do a little shopping, Hancocks was having a 5 for 5 on simplicity patterns and I really want to make a few fun things for myself for summer. Not historical but I am looking forward to some everyday projects. The patterns...

I love the lines of this dress and I like that the round gores give the skirt a swishy fullness. No fabric chosen for this as yet.

I am curious to try this "amazing fit" pattern, I will be leaving off the collar and the ruffles down the front but this is a basic princess line blouse and I prefer lawns and cottens in the summer to jersey knits which are so popular right now.

I am not sure exactly how I will use this pattern but I just had the feeling that if I passed on it I would be kicking myself later. Lots of options.

Ok this is a fun dress! I am going to be making the bottom left option shown here in green in this fun linen cotten blend print that screams summer, I know hot pink is not everyones color...but I like it for something like this. Here is the fabric.

If this seems bold, well it is, but you have to feel this to love it...linen blend is lovely.

Next pattern

Coolest summer pants ever...need I say more? This is the fabric that reached out and grabbed me to make them out of.

Its a sheer with a print in this lovely pale blue/green shade and the ladies and ships have a touch of pink to them. I am placing it over a very pale light blue drapey linen fabric that I recently got for $1.50 a yard and have enough to make the Edwardian jumper I bought it for with enough left over for this. Love it!

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  1. I am loving that HUGE polka dot fabric!!! How totally fun!!! Get sewing lady!


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