Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Random peek...

I generally don't do full outfit reveals before a conventions. I mean... All that hard work/ research/ and scheming? Seems a shame to open the box too soon. So today I have a few more winking peeks into the studio. 
That last? Yes... I have had both machines go down. There are not capital letters large enough to convey the Grrrr of frustration this has caused. Pfaff to the rescue. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

progress...sweet progress

So its Gala dress stress time! However I am choosing not. Not to stress, about this dress!
We (my friend Gina from Beauty for Ashes and I ) have a firm plan, we have patterns and fabric we have a rather disgusting amount of accessories. Really- what could go wrong?

So I buckled down and got my beading pattern enlarged, altered, and simplified into a workable pattern.

I know blogs are all about the photos...seriously- that is what we are all here for right? Well in classic " I have a convention coming up" fashion I won't be doing a see all tell all until I wear this dress but I can share a little (wink)

And some recent progress photos... 

 And with that I bid you all a good night- the next several days will be very full. 

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