Monday, July 7, 2014

progress...sweet progress

So its Gala dress stress time! However I am choosing not. Not to stress, about this dress!
We (my friend Gina from Beauty for Ashes and I ) have a firm plan, we have patterns and fabric we have a rather disgusting amount of accessories. Really- what could go wrong?

So I buckled down and got my beading pattern enlarged, altered, and simplified into a workable pattern.

I know blogs are all about the photos...seriously- that is what we are all here for right? Well in classic " I have a convention coming up" fashion I won't be doing a see all tell all until I wear this dress but I can share a little (wink)

And some recent progress photos... 

 And with that I bid you all a good night- the next several days will be very full. 


  1. How in the ever lovin' did I miss this? I think the only thing I haven't seen is the pic of your blue dress! I am loving it my friend!! Almost time!!!! I am getting so excited!! Now to start that gala dress...noooooo stressing from me either!!

  2. Just enough to tease! Looking beautiful!


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