Thursday, May 15, 2014

Move all the things!

   Move All The Things!

So it's time to complete the drywall and get the sewing studio looking all studio like. So today is "Move all the Things!" Day.

So here we go before 

"All the things!" Will be living in my bonus room for about a week. 

Really, there are a few things. 

Off we go. I like to use what I have, what I have is common sense, and an 18 ft flat bed trailer and minions. Seriously common sense is so uncommon it should be a super power. 

Load it up!

Move it out! 

Move it back in! 


  1. That's great! Your sense of humor cracks me up ....

  2. Ha ha!! Minions!!! I love having minions!!! The room is going to be fabulous my friend!


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