Sunday, June 24, 2012

It lives!

Once more into the breach... We decided to take the opportunity to take some photos and visit the Botanical gardens while on our trip next week to Boise. My mom in law wanted to wear her red white and blue late 80's suit again and so I thought I would wear my flag dress. Then I got it out and alas...increase will happen. The last time I wore this dress I had a 28 inch waist and now I don't. So off came the sleeves and I whipped up a new body to the bodice. I also added some new lace on the skirt and washed the entire mess. So now all it needs is a good pressing and the lovely new hat my friend Gina has most generously agreed to decorate for me and this project is done.

once again you can see a few more images on ye' ole' Flickr page. Next up completing those picnic dresses and an S-curve.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A little patriotism...

More catch up posts...while the Gatsby picnic dresses are still being put together in the backround. I recently finished a 4th of july dress for a friend. So I thought I would share some photos...
Here is a expertly colored (hee hee!) Inspiration fashion plare for the dress. There is something very americana about this dress to my eye. Here is the back, I made my version with no train.
and the dress ...
the entire dress is made from cotton fabric, and a net lace and grosgrain ribbon trim. You can view some more images on my Flickr page. I shall leave you dear friends with the image of the helpful sewing assistant testing the tension of the matching parasol lining for me. So very needful, cats.
With that I am off. I have six days to get ready for my (squeeeeeeee) trip to Boise to visit with family and my very dear friend Gina for a Gatsby picnic and a patriotic day at the botanical garden.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A little Lanvin love.

Well I have not been keeping up with my blog, but I have been sewing and keeping very busy. So lets continue with the Gatsby picnic dress saga shall we?
I had decided to make a "robe de style" in the Lanvin style but not a specific reproduction. This is also my first dress if this era so...I have to say, even though the lines are super lines are less so. I do not have a slim flat figure and the idea of a rectangle of a bodice makes me just shudder.

Recently my local fabric store had Vogue pattern in sale and Huzzah...I found this one. V8020 It is a simple drop waist dress with the proper seam lines and three happy neck line choices to boot. For $3.99 I went home feeling much more confident about this new frontier.

The neck and arm holes are faced  and the closure is at the side (right were it should be historically.) So happiness all around!
The pattern works up beautifully as every Vogue pattern I have ever touched does. The sizing is spot on and no major roadblocks got in my way. Here is where I am so far. I made up the bodice with the V-neck and instead of using the skirt portion of the pattern I used two lengths of fabric with seams at the sides that measures a total of four times the raw edge of the waist.
I could not be happier with it so far. I still need to either put in hooks and eyes or go modern and add a side zipper (I Know... but I have another to make before the 26th) Next I will be working on the red flowers that I indicated in my drawing. For these I want to attempt to shirr the silk to make a dimensial the textured effect for the petals. Than since my dear friend Gina had to go out and step it up with beading...I think I shall join her and bead the centers of the flowers.

Its not all sunshine and roses, I am desperatly seeking shoes, and need to make a decision on that in the naxt week to allow time for shipping. I also need to make some jewlery decisions, buy some 20's colors for make-up and make a short slip petti to add some fluff. Oh and lest I forget, I have mini panniers to make to go at the side waist...but if you have ever seen one of my little bustle brass bags...well I got that covered. LOL!

More soon! Exactly two weekes until we leave for Idaho!

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