Friday, June 22, 2012

A little patriotism...

More catch up posts...while the Gatsby picnic dresses are still being put together in the backround. I recently finished a 4th of july dress for a friend. So I thought I would share some photos...
Here is a expertly colored (hee hee!) Inspiration fashion plare for the dress. There is something very americana about this dress to my eye. Here is the back, I made my version with no train.
and the dress ...
the entire dress is made from cotton fabric, and a net lace and grosgrain ribbon trim. You can view some more images on my Flickr page. I shall leave you dear friends with the image of the helpful sewing assistant testing the tension of the matching parasol lining for me. So very needful, cats.
With that I am off. I have six days to get ready for my (squeeeeeeee) trip to Boise to visit with family and my very dear friend Gina for a Gatsby picnic and a patriotic day at the botanical garden.

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