Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surprise a coat!

So I know you were expecting undergarments, well SURPRISE! I decided to work on a coat instead! So I am using the Simplicity pattern and a winter blue and tan plaid wool suiting along with a tan silk dupioni for the lining and trim.
Here is the fabric...
The cutting process is a bit more tedious with this fabric as I am cutting out the pieces one at a time to keep the plaid aligned. I am also using tailor tacks to mark the fabric instead of chalking it because it has a very soft  hand and I think using chalk will will result in inaccurate marks. Here is a look at how I do my tailor tacks its pretty straight forward. More soon!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Edwardian Undergarments

Every era of fashion has one hard core rule...if you don't wear the right foundations you will not get the look. So for me, every new project starts with undergarments~ As I have never made anything from the Edwardian era I will be starting with a pair of split wide bloomers in black silk with wide lace, a long princess slip, a petticoat, a corset and as this is very late in the corset days I will also be making a boned corset cover since the top of the corsets were generally underbust. I should be pulling what I can for the slip or petticoat this weekend from the stash...see you soon!

Testing testing...

Hello world this is my sewing blog. I have been sewing historical clothing (almost all Victorian 1870-1889) for about seven years after spending a magical year in Nebraska so far out in the country I was 82 miles from a wal-mart. During that time I had the opportunity to volunteer at Fort Hartsuff park and was introduced to re-enacting and what women wore in the Victorian era for the first time. Its a love I have not been able to shake.

Today I am exploring the Edwardian era between 1909-1915 so for now that is what I will be sewing. Some other eras I love and want to make garments from are the Romantic era, the 1930's and the 1950's.
I have hopes of attending costume-con when it comes to Denver in 2013.

I have a link at the top of the page for my Flickr photostream...have a look!

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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