Thursday, December 15, 2011

Testing testing...

Hello world this is my sewing blog. I have been sewing historical clothing (almost all Victorian 1870-1889) for about seven years after spending a magical year in Nebraska so far out in the country I was 82 miles from a wal-mart. During that time I had the opportunity to volunteer at Fort Hartsuff park and was introduced to re-enacting and what women wore in the Victorian era for the first time. Its a love I have not been able to shake.

Today I am exploring the Edwardian era between 1909-1915 so for now that is what I will be sewing. Some other eras I love and want to make garments from are the Romantic era, the 1930's and the 1950's.
I have hopes of attending costume-con when it comes to Denver in 2013.

I have a link at the top of the page for my Flickr photostream...have a look!

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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