Tuesday, November 12, 2013

sewing room update and a Tea Gown

Giving some thought to a new background for the blog and a little update on the sewing studio. Remember that nice clean open space? Well its full of stuff now...nothing like moving to bring you in close personal touch with just how much stuff you have.

Here is the hubbie putting together my new cutting table. I am super happy with it.

Then we moved in my new shelves. These are big sturdy things from Sam's club, so far there are three of them set library shelf style out away from the walls we still need to insulate and dry wall.

It is coming together. Never as fast as we might like but it is coming together.
My next project in the new sewing room will be a tea gown.

I'm am making the dress on the left with the fabric above, which is a shirting cotton with just the hint of a sheen to it. I had visions of a candy cane Christmas dress but this is sweet enough for me and has the added bonus of being able to be worn later for events not Christmas related.
I have the pattern traced and hope to be cutting it out this afternoon, right after I enjoy some warm home made potato soup on this surprisingly cold and windy day in November. It feels like Winter just showed up today. Yesterday was clear and 74*F how quickly things change.

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