Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A friendly prod or a prod from a friend.

As my dear friend Gina from "Beauty for Ashes" reminded me tonight, it's about time for a blog post. So the latest is that we have settled in Texas on eight acres of land and as you can imagine we have unpacking, and projects galore.

I have a lovely, huge, all mine, sewing studio being put together in a detached 23x23 ft garage. 

I am pretty excited about it!

I am also a huge fan of Habitat for Humanity Re-stores. You never know what your might find, it's always a treasure hunt. Last week I found this beauty! 

Can you believe it? It's a Singer from 1951, it's clean and looks as though it was hardly used. All of the attachments were included and were pristine as well. So how much for is glorious piece of sewing delight? $50 ... So yes, I rescued it and brought it home. Here you can see himself checking that the wiring is safe for me. 

I also found this very useful item.

This is a 9000 BTU portable AC unit. Cool air in the studio? Yes Please! This darling works beautifully and was $150. A very good deal.

So while I don't have new sewing to share just yet, things are moving along. The rhythm of our days is taking shape and I will be back to stitching very soon. Tomorrow I need to cut out a retro dress. 

Some other happenings around the farm.

Rooms have been painted. 

And electric gates have been fixed and are in working order. 

Tomorrow I will answer the age old question...If I make a 1950s dress with my blue linen will I kick myself later when the Edwardian bug bites? Night all.

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