Sunday, June 24, 2012

It lives!

Once more into the breach... We decided to take the opportunity to take some photos and visit the Botanical gardens while on our trip next week to Boise. My mom in law wanted to wear her red white and blue late 80's suit again and so I thought I would wear my flag dress. Then I got it out and alas...increase will happen. The last time I wore this dress I had a 28 inch waist and now I don't. So off came the sleeves and I whipped up a new body to the bodice. I also added some new lace on the skirt and washed the entire mess. So now all it needs is a good pressing and the lovely new hat my friend Gina has most generously agreed to decorate for me and this project is done.

once again you can see a few more images on ye' ole' Flickr page. Next up completing those picnic dresses and an S-curve.

1 comment:

  1. Oooooh!!! Love it! Especially the addition of the lace on the underskirt!!


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