Monday, May 5, 2014

Five foundations challenge...Finally!

So apparently I'm the queen of procrastination but it's cut sew time or go without time. As is often the case I'm starting with foundation pieces.
Thanks so much to Mistress of Disguise for coming up with the perfect challange to get me going. 

 Five Foundations Challange

On with my first of the five foundations. #2 is corsets and stays. I am making a regency era corset from the Laughing Moon pattern. The fabric is two layers of cotton linen.the pattern calls for cotton sateen, I for some reason have this notion that before Victoria everyone lived in linen. Silly I know but I purchased the fabric before reading the pattern, another vice, and I am just going to muddle forth. I have decided to hand sew this corset, less because it's historically accurate and more because my machine is currently in the shop for the next 10 days. So with it out for a well deserved and much needed tune up, I have the chance, without the catch net of a machine standing by, to make a corset by hand. Something I have always wanted to do but can easily talk myself out of. 

This is a new gadget I'm liking, it is a Fons and Porter making pencil which erases from fabric. The point is sharp for making accurate marks. The "leads" come in a dark or a white. 

I like long fine needles...long and VERY fine. English needles are my favorite however they become more difficult to find here in the United States. These are the latest needles I am trying and so far I am very pleased with them. So if your curious this is what I am using. ** edit- these are, after looking more closely made in England! So there you have it...want good fine needle? English. 

I took the advice given in the pattern to stay stitched around the edges of all the pieces first to keep the fabric from raveling. See? I'm not all sew and go, I can be taught. 

The wrong side of the first gusset.

The right side of the first gusset.

First cup complete.

One layer done.

The front piece of the corset and lining with gussets complete. 

The hip gussets marked and slit.

The first hip gusset in, here from the right side. 

First set of his gussets in progress. Today's reading of the pattern, tracing the pattern, cutting, and hand sewing totals up to about seven hours sewing time. All but four hip gussets (the lining) are complete at this point. 

And with that...I have officially accepted the Five Foundations Challange! 

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