Monday, September 22, 2014

A day trip to Dallas

Saturday, Hubbie and I took a lovely long drive up to Dallas for the exquisite Antique Elegance show.
What a treat it was! Here is a story of two lace grab bags and the treasures I found therein. 

Grab bags as you know can be a gamble, but traditionally the idea is that you get a mix of things worth at least the purchase price but of the bag makers choice. They have bits and bobs and end pieces. Well... here were my bags 

two gallon sized zip lock bags ...

and this mess is what fell out...

then my work began to gently pull the pieces apart and see what I had. 

dosent look like much.

but as I gently unraveled it spritzed it with some vinegar water and let that sit for a couple minutes so the fibers could relax you could see the lovely pattern of the lace

it's lovely.

and just over a yard long. 

this piece was a yard long and about 30 inches wide 

The pattern is delicate the way only the old laces are....sigh...

It still had the tag attached which was a treat! 

one side had scalloped edges- dreamy! 

This yummy bit was also just over a yard. 

the pattern looks like it stepped out of an 1880's catalogue.

there were several large motif pieces that had been cut from lace yardage. 

This piece was eight yards long 

This piece was about 26 inches

 but oh my...its lovely. 

it was about this point that I realized I needed to grab a note pad so I could write down the lengths of each piece. There was more than I expected! 

The lovely things kept coming... it was like a fairy dream. 

I am always so impressed with the intricate patterns of old lace. 

This piece is three yards long and over six inches wide...breathless! 

This small piece is 30 inches from scallop to cut edge and about 24 inches wide...perhaps an Edwardian bodice front? 

a photo of the wide piece with the ruler so you can see the pattern. 

then this piece unfolded....its edged all the way around like a sole or a very delicate table runner. Best grab bag ever! 

it does have a little hole in it but still - it has potential. 

this polka dotted pretty is 2.5 yards long and 4 inches wide. 

a couple more motifs came out of the bag

I am so glad I purchased Wearing History's blouse pattern as I think I may have enough bits with some good black batiste to make an Edwardian blouse. 

Well this went on for a time and at the end of it I had three pieces between 7-10 yards long of insertion lace and collar pieces and a cuff and more short but perfect lace bits. All in all a very well spent 16$ if I do say so myself and I hope you have enjoyed sharing in the fun along with me. 

The Plaid skirt is coming along... its been a very oddly over scheduled two weeks here. It has gone so very far beyond busy I won't even try to describe it. I did manage to get into the studio on Sunday though and TA DA! Pocket! 

Until next time my friends...pocket all the things! 


  1. Oh Josie!!! What an amazing find with the black lace Grab Bag!!!! Holy Cow!! Way to go girl :)

    1. Thank you Diane I feel like a won a tiny lotto!

  2. Oh my awesome!!! What a fabulous grab bag you bought!! Loooooove all that lace!! Yummy. And I am really liking the new look of the blog! Yay for pockets in dresses!!!

    1. Thank you! It was time for a little change and this is nice, neat and simple. Simple seems to be the order of the day lately! The lace was such a pleasant surprise. Pockets are indeed good. :)


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