Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So this happened...

Recently I attended Gilbert and Sullivan's "Princess Ida" in downtown Houston. For the event we decided to make a new dress from Connie and I would wear my 1920's dress again. I wanted to bead the circles to give it a little evening umph. The beading went very well! I am always pleasantly surprised when a tedious dress making task I think will be a total nightmare turns out to be not only no big deal but oddly relaxing. Such are the games my brain likes to play with me.

I chose an iridescent black bugle beed to make some clean lines around the big deco dots on my dress. 

Mom got a new lace overlay dress. This gown is made from the TV trumpet skirt pattern and the highly modified TV bustle era evening bodice. The closure is under the arm and there are more layers going on than I care to think about. I love the way this dress turned out but I am oh so very glad it is done! 

The front of the gown. We used some antique lace on the center front of the gown and the bow and belt are made in four separate pieces. 

My favorite part of the entire event was this guy! Matthew decided to join us and he wanted to dress as well!!! Huzzah! Squee! Really?!?! JOY! 

Look how good the Hubbie cleans up! Swoon. I found his tux at the very first thrift store I tried and it was $21 for the coat and pants. I found a silk satin vintage bowtie the very same day in the first Antique shop I looked in for $6. I added a brand new formal shirt $24 and a perfect white satin vest 14$ With the $10.50 for dry cleaning I was over moon that I was able to pull this perfectly fitting (did I mention the tux was a perfect fit -no alterations?!?!) for mere $75.50. It is a sharp look and he can absolutely wear it again. I made the pocket square in a green to match my dress from the same satin that is on my collar. 

Emily also attended with us and was just lovely in her 100% silk chiffon dress also found at a thrift store for $10 by J.Crew. She is pretty sure her daddy loves her (the smug smile makes me laugh.) 

The shoes she has on are a perfect color match and another thrift find for $5 - the girl has a good eye! 

In our seats and ready to enjoy the show! 

So then after the show we planned to take lots of pictures. Pictures of the historic theater, the stunning huge floral arrangements, pictures on the outstanding green velvet deco couches with slick mirrored walls in our 1920's outfits. A decent picture of the total pain to create 1920's curls around my face that  have the equivalent to concrete hairspray on. Yes dear ones perfect spots were scoped out and plans were in place..... Then this happened. 

So every couple has their crazy stories and we are no exception. Many many many moons ago Matthew took me to me favorite restaurant and over dinner starting asking me very significant questions "How important was my Catholicism to me?" "Did I want children and how did I feel about  working v/s being a stay home mom." All of the sudden it dawned on me and I blurted out "Are you going to ask me to marry you?!?" In stunned shock Matthew replied "Eventually." I laughed, he laughed, and we just started planning our wedding. Of coarse I always wondered how my proposal might have looked had I not been my typical all out there self. Ah well. Over the years it has been a bit of a joke between us that I ruined my chance and no amount of teasing could get Matthew to utter the words "Will you marry me?" 

So imagine my utter and absolute shock when, while trying to tell him to button his coat for a photo he pulled out the traditional black velvet box and took to one knee. WORTH EVERY MINUTE of the 20+ years I hoped and waited. There has never been any answer but YES in my heart for this man. 

So I now have an antique Edwardian diamond that I adore, a night I will remember forever and only these couple of photos. The universe will go to some pretty amazing lengths to keep photos from happening! : ) 

As I close this post I pray everyone in the world can be as happy as I am at this moment and each day  with my love. It was a very good night indeed, may God give us many many more. 


  1. OHMYGOSH!!!!! OHMYGOSH!!! Ooooohmmmygooooosh!!!! That ring is beyond fabulous!! I hadn't seen an up close one until now!!! What a catch you have in that Matthew man!! Huzzaaaaaah you and good on ya Matt!!!! So very happy for you my dear friend!!! Emily looks fantastic as do you and mom!!!

    1. Thank you my friend! I am still on cloud nine and I know I should care that photo's didn't happen but I can't even!! God is very good and I am very blessed in my mate.

  2. Just perfection. Bliss! The ting is gorgeous. So happy for you!

    1. Thank you Sister! It was a moment of surprise and joy. Love you!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a perfect time in your life!!

    1. Thank you for taking time to enjoy this moment with me! : )

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