Friday, October 7, 2016

A Pink Tea Challenge - part 1

September flew by in such a whirlwind!

We attended a Pink Challenge tea with DFW Costumer's Guild and it was the best tea I have attended so far. The Location was outstanding a stunningly restored old home with a lovely family history of art and community involvement. The Heard-Craig Center for Fine Arts was everything a Victorian Costumer hopes for in a tea venue. 

There were a lot of fun spots in the garden for photos. 

On my way to pose for the pervious photo this bush jumped out and grabbed my hat! Needless to say any concerns about me waking up with grace and elegance can now be put to rest. I'm still me. 

Inside the house there was the most breathtaking staircase, the fretwork over the alcove and the main hall was beyond drool worthy. 

Again my my grace under the fierce gaze of the camera was completely intact. 

But is was not all silliness and cheesy photos. I was very blessed to be with both of my moms and my beautiful daughter so I had the opportunity for a three generation photo. My mom is not a costumer but I would not be one if not for her care and diligence in teaching me to sew. She was fearless each halloween making, often without a pattern, any crazy thing we could possibly come up with. My mom is endlessly encouraging and to this day is pretty sure I can do anything I put my mind to (Thanks mom, you did it right!) 

My other mom is always game for dress up and loves to come to events with me. Not everyone gets to have a mom-in-law they can play with. Because of this lady I have the love of my life. 

I love hanging out with this kid- she is such a joy. Emily wore a paler shade of pink moire' for the tea from a bolt of fabric my Grandmother Kulaga, who was also a dressmaker, gave to me. I love the way her dressmaking continues on in my life. 

While I am being sentimental, I rarely go to an event without wishing my distant girlfriends could be with me. My friend Gina of Beauty from Ashes is my biggest cheerleader, always ready with words of encouragement. They usually go something like "So help me you BETTER take pictures..." but I am paraphrasing. She is also a big 'ole geek and loves to collect oddments and peculiarities. So of coarse I got excited and thought of her when I saw a locust skin on this bush. 

"Look G, a curious thing!"

I took a great many photos and I still have not talked about my dress, or Connie's (which will be a post with a pattern review) or the food, or the OMG china cabinet- so I am going to make this a two part post and share more details on the morrow. 

Sleep well friends and my all your tea outings be glorious. 

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  1. I totally scared Greg as I "Squeeeeee!!!"'d at the to of my lungs when I saw that you posted this!! I love the pictures of you, Emily and the moms!! Made my heart so happy!! And it is oh so cool that even though your mom didn't dress Victorian, she still got into the mood and wore pink and black! I am totally laughing at your awesome silly pics... I can't believe the nerve of that tree!! You crack me up!! Thank you for taking pictures!! You made me proud! Your dresses are fabulous! Great job getting them all completed in your whirlwind of dress making!! Whoot Whoot!! And ooooooh!!! A curious thing!! I love locust husks/skins!!! It made me heart so happy that you saw it and thought of me!! I miss you and would have had a blast with you, Emily and the moms!!! One day soon!!!
    Love you my friend!!


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