Thursday, May 30, 2013

Electric blue and black and white check dess.

It has been a short while and I need to get back into the habit of blogging. So I have not too much to share but this is a dress I am working toward to wear to the wonderful mini-convention in DFW this June with the DFW costumes guild. 

I adore an electric blue black and white dress. This will be the third blue and black dress I have made, the first two however were sold so this one is extra exciting as it is mine...all mine...yes precious! 

I can also share that I seem to have gone through a costume slump this spring. It is so hard to concentrate on sewing when I want to garden, finish up school with the kids and yes dear ones spring clean. I think I am out of the funk of distraction now though so my little challenge-goal is to sew something each day even if only for 15 minutes and to blog.....something....each day. So day one challenge- check.

See you tomorrow!

* update on this post. 

Well blogging every day is still a challenge, we sold our home in Ok after the two big tornados and have been house hunting in the north Houston area since along with a few other summer advantures. There has been some progress on this dress which sadly did not go to Costumers Lost but will be attending a convention later this year.

Bodice construction is underway

Not much to look at yet but hey photo evidence of actual sewing taking place

Still loving the color combination, I decided to keep it simple and go with the side prices in the blue to both break up th check and remove the need to rupture a brain vessel trying to align the check perfectly. 

The hat I hope to make into something respectable

The hat I love but will probably not end up with 

The beginnings of the hat. 

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  1. Wonderful dress so far!! I love electric blue/black/white too! You are going to look fabulous!!!


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