Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Save me! Girlfriend Sailor dress project

Here are the girlfriends in their sailors...Gina first in the cream and navy then Beth in the navy and silver. Mine will be red and white as you can see.

Well this is such a long story, but I have limited time to sew and Murphy dear evil Murphy has struck to the heart of my costuming life once again and my dear friend and co-sailor Gina will not be with me for Costume College this year. The other sailor (Beth) is taking a much needed summer with her family in between school. So this Sailor will be going to coco solo. Just to be clear for the readers, only Gina had made plans to go Beth however has the other sailor dress. I will share pictures of us all one of these eons.

Some progress...

I began with the underskirt, in red silk and hemmed. Then I spent some time making lots and lots and lots...(and lots) of white silk bias tape for the stripes.

Then began the marking and sewing on. The stripes are about 7/8 of an inch and the red gaps between are one inch.

I like a good gadget and decent tools always make a project go more smoothly. Here you see me favorite chalk marking pencil and a locking seam gauge by Nancy Zieman. 

Later we have many many stripes and the hat I hope to transform into something respectable.

Well I will be leaving you here... There are only a few more days until coco and I have much to pull together in between running from Midland TX to Houston to complete buying our house. Life is always exciting.

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  1. A post!!! Huzzah and away!!! I am so loving your dress so far!! I really like the red and white...very POP worthy!! This is going to be faaaabulous!!!


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