Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's not all fabric and sewing...

In September I am going to be attending the Antique Elegance show along with some DFW costume guild friends and I am hoping for a nice 1940s look with an easy outfit for walking and shopping.

One of the areas I get anxious about is hair, make-up and yeah, just imagine my internal squeeee when it was announced that next years Costume College will focus this topic?!? 

I purchased some reproduction patterns at CoCo and plan to use one of these. I could find a Vintage pattern and make that but like Heathers - Truly Victorian patterns, sometimes it's just nice to have a multi-sized dependable pattern at hand.

I love a high waisted pant! This shape is usually flattering to my figure.

Possible blouse option

A skirt from the 50s is another possibility

With this blouse. 

But before I decide and start the fabric hunt, I wants to try the hair and makeup and see if I could pull it off.

So this morning I tied my hair up in rag rollers...

"Charming no?"

This was easier than I expected and since I started with damp and not soaking wet hair it dried in about 3 hours. I also thought the rags were small enough and soft enough that I could sleep in them. Who knew?!

Later I took them out and ran my fingers through my hair - instant perm! Note to self work on self pictures, but you get the idea. 

Later after some help from you tube...Ta Da! Not too bad. 

The eyelashes look HUGE to me but when I snap a photo they seem in proportion, I need a little practice with eyeliner but all I all I am pleased with my first attempt. 

Now I can breath and get back to what I feel a bit more confident with, running the sewing machine. 

Bye now! 

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  1. Oh ya....You are totally going to rock the antique show!!! I cannot wait to see your outfit! Your hair and make-up is so gorgeous!!! Yeah!!!


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