Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upcoming ideas

So with my very first costume college under my belt I have a few moments to breath and plan for some upcoming outings. 

I also have my first must make dress for coco 2014 in mind

Isn't this dreamy? You can look at (drool over) a few more detailed pictures here. 

This style is one of the very few I can appreciate from the 20s so many of the looks just will not work for my figure. 

Before I sew for Coco 2014 though I have a couple things to do first :) 

I will be attending the antique elegance show in DFW and that outfit is starting to take shape. I am also attending a charity shoot at old Fort Parker in Oct. and hope to be making something along these lines

To wear during the day to shoot in. 

Sometimes inspiration comes from places other than extant garments or fashion plates, right now I am having a little love affair with this gown. 

This dress can be found in the book "Les petit dames de mode" 

The plum-y goodness makes me swoon. 

I also have another era first event coming up in November. A Gregorian picnic with the DFW costume guild once again. I am planing a simple dress using this sheer dotted cotton. 
Here are some of the ideas that I am collecting for that project.
If you click on this pin you can then view the 1810 dot dress board I have put together. As I am writing to you from my iPad app, I do t have the option to share the board URL link with you. 

We are moving into our new home and my sewing studio  (squee!!) on Friday so for the moment my stash is packed up, the machines are in cases and I can but plot and plan. Happy sewing! Next post I will do the big photo tour of the studio before all my things get moved in. 


  1. Oh my gosh!! Have you spit on that plum dress? Please say no!!! AAAAAH!!!! It is gorgeous!!! I am loving the 20s dress too!! What fun!!!

  2. Oh no you don't!! It has been properly called, spit on and claimed! I am needing a dinner gown. :)
    Thank you my friend !

    I also have the whole beading thing figured out! Sleep makes me brilliant! I shall share shortly/ promptly.


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