Monday, December 23, 2013

A tiara project part one.

My daughter loves to sew, and crochet and adores most everything vintage. She chooses to make homemade gifts instead of buying them whenever she can and spends hours and hours cutting paper snowflakes each christmas. I am blessed! 

Here is our new dress project. Daughter loves vintage movies, and of coarse she adored Audrey Hepburn (who dose'nt?) 

Classy! So we will be using a simplicity pattern to get us going namely this little 1873 by Cynthia Rowley. 

We will have to make a few changes to get just the right look but there is no need to re-invent the wheel from the ground up. 

For the classy little swing jacket she carries with this dress

We are going to use a vintage pattern purchased from Etsy. 

and the fabric we chose...

not too bad. While we think this dress was a strong pink, we are both happy with the look of the coral and daughter has a pair of coral shoes! 

Now there is just the short wait for the after Christmas sale of Simplicity patterns and the post ro deliver the swing coat pattern and we are off! 

I hope everone is enjoying these days of Advent and will spend the twelve days of Christmas surounded by family and loved ones! 

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  1. Squee!!!!! LOVE love love the fabrics you found!! Those will be perfect on Daughter! I so cannot wait to see her wearing this lovely dress and coat! The coat pattern is fabulous! How utterly fun and awesome!!!


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