Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Post convention end of year thoughts

Haveing good friends is important. Having friends who uplift you when your feeling at the end of your rope, tired and slightly lame are priceless. 

Conventions always make me both tired and thoughtful. Nothing brings out my introspective attitude that when things go off plan and conventions are a perfect storm of off plan. 

So without sharing all the opps, forgets, last minutes and minor stresses. Let me share the new and improved 2014 event rules for convention sanity. 

1) Saving money is great but adding stress is often not worth it. Just stay at the hotel. 

2) it is absolutely not too early to start sewing for next year

3) anything not done 90 days before the convention stays home...that's right 90 days so get sewing. 

4) being just a antendee is great, helping with convention events is great...however, the two don't mix. I don't actually have much wisdom on this, I'm at an impasse.

5) delusions of stunning hairstyles made up of your very own hair will leave you with unimpressive photos. Back to wigs and hairpieces for me.

6) just sew, just go, just relax and have fun. 

Oh and if you can avoid crazy snow storms and 
That's another SASS convention in the books. Off to make the sewing list for next year :)



  1. I ABSOLUTELY must remember #2:

    It is absolutely not too early to start sewing for next year's Convention!


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