Monday, August 17, 2015

Download ALL the photos

So this should be a post about my adventures this year at Costume College, but it won't be! I know- so frustrating! I just downloaded ALL the photos, and that was techie-task enough for one day. I need to sort and do some very mild editing. What is the deal with the yellow light in that hotel?!? BLEK.

I just wanted to get something out on the net as I also noticed I have not put up a single post since January? How is that possible? I have been doing some pretty epic (for me) sewing stuff. I took a week long tailoring class and made an entire Frock Coat from the ground up and it went right out to EOT in June and did it's job. Way to wear it Cindy and Scott!

Here is a picture of the lining in progress. Can I just say that when Jane of Aspen Filly Mercantile tells you a thing will take two days you just need to do some Scotty math and multiply by two (or three.) This lining took real close to four full days of hand sewn work. We both worked so hard on this project, I am so grateful Jane took a whole week out of her extremely busy schedule just to teach me the beginnings of tailoring. I am pretty sure she got tired of hearing me say
 "I am a dressmaker, not a tailor!" 

It all paid off. Cindy and Scott took 1st place at End Of Trail for best dressed couple and no one died. I did need a serious nap...but no one died. I am calling it what it is : ) a WIN. 

I also made the dress Cindy wore. Their contest story was of a wealthy railroad man who, while traveling in the orient for laborers and TNT, found Cindy and brought her back to the States where she runs a famous Brothel. It was a fun and irreverent story to kick around and brainstorm over. Cindy tries to channel this "prim and proper lady" when I sew for her and I laugh- a lot.  The dress and the character needed to to be all about "her" and not about me. I think we hit the mark. 

Cindy's dress based on a 1881 fashion plate with Chinese style brocade rayon/satin and a fantasy neckline in keeping with her contest and S.A.S.S. persona. 

Here is the happy couple in all their red and gold glory. 

Now that I have brushed off the very thick cobwebs from the keyboard and downloaded ALL the photos, there were a few hundred, which for me is kinda huge. I am off to do Monday type things and make a list of all the catch up posts of costume goodness that have happened so far this year (January?!?) 

Do you ever look up from your projects to notice months have gone by?


  1. January wasn't that long ago, was it? I'm still working on the post from an event last October. :) Love your posts and a big HUGE congrats on Cindy and Scott's win. Fabulous costumes!!

    1. It feels like yesterday! Then, I begin to make a list of all that has happened since then costume wise- wow... Thank you! I was so excited for them both.

  2. Huzzah for cobwebs being dusted off keyboards!! You are a rock star my friend!! The dress and coat are beyond fabulous!! Congrats on a very deserving win! You so need to share with the world your fabulous creations!!!

    1. You are too kind and I am so rusty! It felt good to just sit and write for a few minutes. :)


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