Saturday, January 24, 2015

A very good mail day indeed...

So today was a particularly amazing mail day. I received a lot of buckles I purchased from an Etsy seller cleaning out her collection. I love buckles... They are just so very smart! It's not uncommon to see buckles go for 80-100$ dollars for quite nice ones and in the past I have picked them up here and there when I could not resist but I just can't pay more than about 30$ for one and the less the better! Well these beauties averaged 11$ each! Seriously I felt obligated to rescue them so they can grace historical costumes and be loved for the little beauties they are.

I was so excited to find them even nicer in person!

The most amazing part? Six....Six! Of them have the bar clasp to use the the other end of the belt! I don't have a single buckle with the bar clasp you don't often find them intact. 

So now I'm looking over my costume plan list for this year and imagining how a smart buckle might grace it. Hats and belts and pull backs for draperies.... Oh my! 

The next delivery was a beautiful find but alas not bragging rights cheap at all...but it looked sooooooo fun! I thought on it for a couple weeks and recently, when it was still available, I caved and got it. Today the very well packaged parcel arrived from the UK. 

It's a huge red and white striped feather and as you can see will match my Sailor dress perfectly! Squeeeeee! I will be adding it to my hat which I want to line and add finishing touches to. I hope to wear it again perhaps this Spring with its sister in Idaho. 

It's very fluffy and it has nice drape too.

In other sewing news I have been plucking right along with my corset projects for my friend Beth and myself. This one is for Beth and will be my entry for Historical Sew Monthly 2015 January challange. 
I've gotten the busk in and all the boning channels applied. Tomorrow will see grommets, and bones and binding. I'm pleased with the shape and the more pleased to be moving right along with it. 

Yes I did notice after this photo that the ends of the busk are uneven...the tops are even. It's the first busk I've ever had a flaw in it. I think for this an "'ole work horse" of an undergarment though -it is ok. This corset is going to be a mix of spiral and spring steel in alternating pattern. 

Did the postman bring you anything yummy today? 

Until next time! 


  1. I am in love with all of your buckles!! And how great that they came with the brackets!! Your father is pretty epic!! Can't wait to get the sisters together this spring!!!

    1. thank you Gina! I knew you would "get" the awesome excitement of them! Sister Spring Woot!! I'm going to pretend I'm you when I curl the feather (breath!)

  2. Major exciting score on the buckles!! And the feather is breathtaking!! Much progress happening in the sewing studio!!

    1. Yes it was an exciting and giddy find! Thank you for the compliment on the feels very good to be moving along.

  3. Sorry!! I couldn't help myself! I had to pass this award on to you!!! Bwahahahaha....


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