Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The bolts are finding a home.

Well last week was my decompress week after the big ole' SASS convention in San Antonio TX and it was a success and and joy. I entered the costume contest and was honored with the ladies best dressed award. 

Although I have costumed for many years and I have been so tickled to have dresses I have made for others win contests at various levels of our sport. So it was kinda a big deal for me personally.

 I wore the fabulous court dress that was the light half of my dear friend Gina's fantastic idea for costume college 2014. However for this contest I chose to be a Texas debutante which is a very old and respected formal introduction to society still practiced today. There was even a St. James curtsy (as the infamous "Texas dip" did not arrive on the scene until 1954) all in all I survived the butterflies and although I would happily retire from contests without any further fuss, my friend Jane informs me she intends to continue to encourage my participation in future (stomach flops right over) we shall see. I'm sure I can put off the next one for 5 or ten years at least? 

Here I am with the stunning Velvet Glove and my friend "instigator" Jane- Aspen Filly. 

Even after adding boning to the bodice it still will insist on a wrinkle after sitting at the dinner table no matter how careful I tried to be. nicknamed satan for good reason. This particular fabric is actually quite well behaved, it came from Mood fabrics and they were very prompt in sending several swatches in shades of white and ivory which they marked well with sticker tags to keep the names straight. In the past I have ordered several swatches from other places and gotten 6 reds or 5 blues all in a Baggie and no indication which is which so a big WOOT! for Mood. Also it was on sale for $7.80 a yard so bonus yay! 

I truly love this dress...ivory thing and all. I will take some time to relate the rest of the SASS adventures soon as I complete all the photo edits. I had quite a few photos for me which is pretty epic. Typically I have maybe three and those are fuzzy and weird. I blame Gina, I'm sure she is contagious. 

Now I am back home however and I want to share the bolts with you! They are nearly all rolled and stored and my my... What a joy to see ----- ssssseeeeeee! the fabrics in your stash. It is so much easier to hear what the stash girls want to become this way. I am very sure a rainbow of organization will emerge soon, but it is competing with the equally fun idea of placing bolts to be used in the same projects together. We shall see.

So,we started with this

A little beginning.

Rollin Rollin Rollin raw hide! 
Then at last! We find ourselves here. 

There are several more- enough to fill up one more book case in fact but I've put my books that used to be in these cases out on their ears and I just can't move the last case until I correct my new and very serious lack. The books my friends must have a home, that is all there is to it. The two big huge industrial shelves that used to be here were most happily received by the Hubbie into the garage. Now I just need to make the trek to Ikea for a few more. 

My next projects are corsets...must must must. I need a new Victorian and I must reconcile my regency corset mess. I stuck to the pattern for the first go around but yeah, many changes for shape and comfort will be made. I'm also whipping up a Victorian work horse for a dear friend Beth because well, she has been so very patient. (Snort) I'm going to insist she take new measurements it's been so very long. If I'm going to spend five long days sewing she can just spend five minutes measuring and that is that. This "everything is the same" nonsense is fine for ready to wear but it won't hold water here missy! 

Are you cutting out corsets this week? Oh! My corset will be my Historical Sew Monthly as well as part of my continuing saga of Five Foundations Challanges. 

Until next time! 


  1. Congratulations on the win at the convention. Well deserved.

    I love the way you are storing your fabrics. I need to do something like this.

    1. Thank you Geri... I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I never thought of it. When my friend Kathryn showed up with all those bolts it was like someone clicked on a light! How very dense of me! I do like the look a great deal and it gives me back almost two full square feet of space as these shelves are about 14 inches deep and the shelves are about three feet.

  2. I loved all the pics of you at convention!! The smile on your face is worth a million bucks!!!! I am so proud of you and totally knew you would take first!! You are a rock star!!! The fabric being seen is so fabulous!! Oh and the benefit of being able to pet it is a bonus.... Yay for friends with fabric bolts!!!!

    1. Thank you thank you my friend! I follow in quite large footsteps! I did do rather well this go with the pictures didn't I? yay me! I'm on my way to full crazy costumer with camera status. The fabric is pretty...pretty sewing room happiness!


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