Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A little crafty-

During the Christmas holiday season I have always enjoyed making gifts. In more recent years (read since costumes took over my life) these projects are little joys I look forward to. With the wonder of Pinterest I now day dream in big fat photo folders all year about which new little goodie to make. Waiting for this season when the bug to craft bites. 

"I don't always craft- but when I do I like to use ALL the novelty cotton prints." As a historical costumer I often work in silk, or linen, or wool, and lots of plain cotton but the chance to sneak in anything nolvety is rare. 

I love nolvety cottons. "It's my one weakness" as Dorcas would say from Lark Rise. So my Christmas projects have developed a sort of set of mini rules over time. 

1) They must be fun- I have all kinds of opportunities to stretch and challenge myself thanks. These babies are for fun. Fun I say! 

2) They need to be smallish- I like a little instant gratification as much as the next girl, it's nice to see a result in less than a weeks worth of concentrated effort. Historical costuming is a marathon these are a walk to the mailbox ;) 

3) Cute is required- seriously the closer to all out squee the better. 

4) They typically call for novelty cotton prints, because justifying a years worth of "because I love it!" purchases lets me feel
A little more sane. :)  

With that preamble- I introduce one of this years projects. The Sew together bag. 

I don't remember what made me put the words "sewing together" into the Pinterest search bar but- oh my! Love at first sight. This is the brain child of Sew Demented and was made to carry sewing tools and notions to group sewing events. As a girl who has been known to "have costume will travel" I can both understand and lust over another packing/organizational goodie. 

Head on over to read all about this pattern...

I was all in- I got the pattern and read through the whole thing. Then I grabbed the link for the Quilt blog sew along and read the four day posts as well. You can find that one here.

There are four zippers! Did you note the four zippers?!? My main goal in historical costuming is zipper avoidance friends! Ok - breath in- we can do this. They are not invisible zippers of doom. This can be done. Right! Pulse rate normal? Good lets move on. 

Then I cut out all the yummy pieces. This is so fun! You can use ALL the THINGS! Seriously you can use MANY prints! Wheeeeeee! 

Those prints! 

Well before you know it it's time to put the zippers in. You may want some extra cute zipper colors, maybe you are reading this from the wilds and don't have a good source near by. I once was 82.5 miles from a Walmart- no kidding. So things like this Etsy source still sorta amaze me.

They also have cute zipper pulls if you like, made in America and periwinkle is an option. It is a true wonder. They will send you a color card with your order so you can OCD color match your cottons! It's possible that I have this postcard sized goodie in my purse. You know - just in case matching needs to happen. 

Then all the sudden you have a bag!!! You will note that just one bag will get lonely, and want a friend. Well gentel readers - there are no end of ideas for ways to make this up. 

Here are a few I collected together over at the Pinterest. 

This bag was made for my mom-
In-law, Connie. She might have a thing for doxies. This gave me the chance to use several of the "pets" prints by M'Liss we have been collecting from Hancocks over the last couple years. 

The bag on the left was made for my mom. It is made up of scraps from many years of Christmas PJs which is a tradition in our family. This bag is full of sewing memories with my mom. 

These bags don't need to just be for sewing tools, though that is a fantastic use! I placed my 8in dress shears both for scale and to show they will fit beautifully. 
Some other plans I have are a tech bag. I'm a gadget girl, and I like to bring all my tech toys when I travel. This bag would be perfect for my various charging cords! 
A makeup bag will happen and I think this could work great for costume jewelry. There are seven pouches. One per costume, this would work for even a convention with many costume changes! 

Now all I need is a travel case for my growing tiara addiction and my costume life will be complete. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's sew together! 

Did you make a squee worthy little craft this holiday? 


  1. Ohmygosh!! Love these little pouches! What a fun idea!!!

    1. They a really are fun! I'm completely addicted. This and little coin purses and crazy quilted day dreams....ah yes.


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